Boomerang Plastics treats food contaminated yogurt and cream pots from household collections


A batch of food contaminated yogurt and cream pots from domestic recycling collections has been recycled by Boomerang Plastics.

This is in addition to the production waste from Muller Diary, which Summit Systems started Boomerang Plastics to treat. The material has been recycled using the same size reduction and washing technology as for the Muller Dairy project and is being used in the production of garden furniture.


Summit Systems chief executive Mike Jordan said: “Householders generally want to recycle and when they make an effort to sort their plastic they want to know it really is recycled.

“Our process is working well and research and continued development means the line is increasing the purity for more high value applications. From here we intend to work closer with the public, schools and other organisations to increase the awareness and recycling opportunity.”

While providing the quality recycled material, Boomerang Plastics is also a showcase for the recycling technologies available from Summit Systems Recycling Machinery division. Making full use of lessons learned from the set-up of its own recycling line, the company is developing a portfolio of equipment that is based on its own experiences and is therefore ready for market.

A number of customers have visited Boomerang Plastics to see how the size reduction, washing, drying and sorting machines are already being used in a viable business.