Budget Pack announces partnership with Reverse Logistics Group (CCR UK).


A strategic partnership between Budget Pack and the Reverse Logistics Group has been announced that will see Budget Pack take on all of CCR UK’s compliance services.

CCR UK is a subsidiary of CCR Logistics Systems, which in turn is owned by Reverse Logistics Group.


Members will not move across from CCR UK to Budget Pack automatically, but there has been a lot of work done on giving consistent pricing, consistent contracts and making the transition easy for CCR UK customers to move to Budget Pack.

As a result of this, CCR UK members that move across to Budget Pack will have access to its full range of compliance services which include packaging, WEEE, RoHS and waste services.

Budget Pack managing director Steve Clark said: “This partnership agreement spells a new era in compliance scheme services and waste management for Budget Pack members, and it comes amid continuing economic uncertainty, which has created volatility in UK markets. Through this partnership we can offer strategic added value to our members via the benefits of a global market place for waste products, as well as a consolidated international compliance network.

“Budget Pack aims to help improve the environmental performance of businesses by providing bespoke take-back solutions for products when they reach the end of their life. Businesses need to provide verified data and a clear audit trail to avoid illegal disposal of waste products. Budget Pack sets out to deliver the best possible data-tracking services to enable businesses to drive up recycling rates and ensure as much recyclable waste is captured and processed through the recycling sector as possible.”