Cardboard food carton launched that aims to be easy to recycle


Frugalpac has launched a new carton that has been designed to boost recycling. 

The Frugal Carton is produced by layers that are not bonded together, with the external part of the product being made from 100% paperboard and a foil bag within the shell, providing a waterproof layer. 


Customers can separate the foil bag from the shell by tearing it from the top, and according to Frugalpac, the cardboard packaging can be put in the recycling bin and be treated in the same way as ordinary cardboard.  

Frugalpac chief executive Martin Myerscough said:The Frugal Carton fits well within our company’s ambition to make significant improvements in the recycling rates of everyday packaging.” 

The Frugal Carton will be launched next year.