Chinese green fence has had “profound effect” on export industry, says Recycling Association


The export sub-group of the Recycling Association has said that the Chinese green fence has had a “profound effect” on the recycling sector.

At a meeting held recently involving attendees from Biffa, Mark Lyndon Paper Enterprises, Viridor, Recycling UK, Veolia and others, the export group said that recyclers had reacted positively and improved standards of materials produced for export.


Indeed, those who buy material for export had also been cherry picking from the best quality suppliers and only buying from reliable outlets where high quality standards were known and trusted.

Recycling Association chief executive Simon Ellin said” “It is a clear message our member buyers will only export material from sources where sustainable high quality is at the top of the agenda.

“If you are not producing a high quality recyclate then your material will not be exported to China or indeed elsewhere. Low quality suppliers are likely to face limited markets at much lower prices.

“Everyone was united in saying that we must not rest on our laurels. Green fence was the kick up the backside that the industry needed and the message is one of continuous improvement. The UK recycling industry has reacted positively to the green fence, but it must continue unabated as absolute normal and sustainable practice.”