Chinese plastics recycling association joins BIR


The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) has welcomed the China Scrap Plastics Association as a new member.

As a result, the Plastics Committee of the BIR has taken a further step forward to becoming a full division of the organisation.


In order to become a division, a BIR commodity commission needs to be supported by a certain number of companies and national associations which agree to pay membership fees to financially contribute to the creation of a fully independent commodity division and the participation of experts from that field.

In a statement, BIR said: “BIR is hoping that China Scrap Plastics Association’s membership will boost the BIR Plastics Committee and attract other associations and companies from that sector worldwide.

“China is an important market for plastics recyclables and BIR needs a professional body in this country to ensure environmentally sound processing and recycling of plastics, as well as the development of new markets and outlets for plastics granulates and recyclables in emerging countries where the demand will continue to grow.”