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Chinese waste smuggler accomplices told to give themselves up by end of September for reduced sentence

Hangzhou Customs waste paper
Hangzhou Customs officials inspect rejected waste paper

The Chinese General Administration of Customs has revealed that those who have assisted illegal waste smugglers will be given a reduced sentence if they hand themselves into authorities by the end of September.

People that have transferred legal import licenses to illegal waste importers will be required to give themselves up by 30 September 2019 and will be given a more lenient punishment. Indeed, if the crime is seen to be light, the punishment may be exempted.

If they help to give evidence against the illegal waste smugglers or that helps to detect them, again the punishment will be reduced or again exempted if they have done “meritorious deeds” to help catch the criminals.

Whistle blowers will be protected by the Chinese state. However, those that allow the continued import of illegal waste during this period, will face the full force of the law if they do not surrender to authorities.

China is currently consulting on a new Solid Waste Law that will seek to gradually reduce imports of solid waste.


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