Could grass replace recycled paper in packaging?


Waitrose are replacing recycled paper in egg boxes with fibre made from rye grass.

Eggs in its Waitrose Duchy Organic range will be provided in eggs boxes made from equal amounts of recycled paper and rye grass fibre.


The retailer expects that the switch will save 77 tonnes of wood/recycled paper per year.

It eventually plans to switch all of its egg boxes to this blend, saving 405 tonnes of wood and recycled paper each year.

The egg box uses 60% less water during production and releases 10% less CO2 compared to a standard pulp box. It is also 100% recyclable, according to Waitrose.

Waitrose egg buyer Frances Westerman said: “We often take the humble egg box for granted as it reliably keeps your eggs intact until you’re ready to crack them open.

“While we’ve found no better way for safely getting eggs to your kitchen table, we’re always looking at ways we can use less packaging and more sustainable materials to ensure that we minimise our impact on the environment.”