CPI issues revised Design for Recyclability Guidelines for fibre and announces certification scheme for fibre-based packaging

CPI Design for Recyclability

The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) has published revised Design for Recyclability Guidelines that advise on what is acceptable for paper/cardboard mills.

In 2019, CPI launched its previous version of these guidelines, but this updated version reflects further innovation and technological developments. It also provides a direction of travel for future packaging design.


The document has been throughly reviewed to provide further clarity to retailers and specifiers about what the industry considers easily recyclable.

It was led by CPI’s Recyclability Technical Expert Committee.

As the Government has expressed a preference to introduce recyclability ‘yes’ or ‘no’ labelling on packaging, CPI has also announced plans to introduce a new subsidiary called Papercycle.

This new company will assess recyclability and deliver verification and certification services for fibre-based packaging.

Papercycle will be a fully automated tool that will determine whether fibre-based packaging formats are recyclable in the UK, and which type of mills can reprocess the packaging. It will also offer recyclability assessments for suppliers and designers who want to test a product before launch.

CPI director of recycling Dimitra Rappou said: “I am delighted to see the publication of the revised CPI Design for Recyclability Guidelines. This publication is vital in guiding manufacturers around recyclability for the UK market and looking at sustainability and resource efficiency for the future.

“In the coming months, I look forward to the launch of Papercycle which will support companies determining the recyclability of their products and maximise the availability and quality of paper for recycling.”

View the CPI guidelines here.