CPI launches Papercycle tool to assess and certify recyclability of fibre-based packaging


A tool has been launched by the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) that provides an assessment and certifies the recyclability of fibre-based packaging.

Called Papercycle, the tool identifies whether packaging made from fibre can be recycled in the UK and which type of recycling mills can process them. Recyclability can be tested in finished or semi-finished products.


An initial assessment can be made online, but more complex products can be tested under laboratory conditions under the Confederation of European Paper Industries’ recyclability test method.

A technical review service from this gives insights into how various components interact with each other, diagnoses the critical parts and signposts potential solutions for material modification.

CPI believes that this new service will allow for a standardised labelling system where customers could receive a ‘recycle’ label once it receives Papercycle certification. CPI suggests that this will be beneficial for the upcoming Extended Producer Responsibility reforms.

Its director of recycling Dimitra Rappou said: “As packaging materials have become increasingly complex, we have seen growing confusion over the recyclability of materials, with an over-simplified assessment approach threatening the quality of recycling.

“Papercycle’s new service can remove the uncertainty faced by packaging designers, brands, retailers, and policy makers on the recyclability of fibre-based products. 

“We see this playing a crucial role in promoting a circular economy for fibre-based packaging, helping to reduce waste and lower carbon emissions by keeping materials in use for longer. By providing accurate information on recyclability, Papercycle enables brands and manufacturers to design and develop packaging solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future.”