Defra launches guide for the public on energy from waste


A guide for everyone from members of the public to stakeholders in the energy from waste sector has been launched by Defra.

Energy from waste: a guide to the debate doesn’t set out new policy but highlights key environmental, technical and economic issues and aims to raise the level of understanding and debate around energy from waste.


The Renewable Energy Association (REA) was one of a number of organisations that provided input into the guide.

REA Bioenergy Group chair Alex Young said: “The REA welcomes this comprehensive guide to waste-to-energy. It is a diverse sector with a range of technology solutions all contributing to delivering the transition to a green economy, which is both low waste and low carbon.

“Waste-to-energy solutions can provide an important contribution to security of energy supplies, but the UK policy framework has not yet proven sufficient to drive a significant expansion in waste-to-energy infrastructure. This means an increasing amount of refuse derived fuel (RDF) is being sent overseas to countries which have fully embraced waste-to-energy. The REA continues to work with Government on dealing with the barriers to deployment of the right technology for the right feedstock in the right location.”