District heating project from Coventry energy from waste plant gets under way


Four miles of underground pipe work is being laid in Coventry to provide heat to a range of buildings in the city from its energy from waste facility.

Coventry City Council and Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council own an energy from waste facility in the Whitley suburb of Coventry under the joint venture company Coventry and Solihull Waste Disposal Company (CSWDC).


Cofely District Energy will buy heat from the facility and will provide it through its pipe network to heat nine buildings including the cathedral, council offices and the Herbert Art Gallery.

The scheme is being funded with a £2.2 million grant from the Housing and Communities Agency with Cofely providing £3.2 million of investment.

Cofely will be paid a monthly bill over 25 years for the heat from those that are using it.

Coventry City Council resources and new projects manager Andy Williams said: “The scheme has environmental and financial benefits. Energy bills are going up and up, and with this we’ve got some level of price security.

“Bills will still go up with inflation but it doesn’t have the volatility of gas prices, and environmentally we’re meeting carbon commitments because the energy is zero carbon.”