Dow develop polyethylene food pouch to make recycling easier


A new easier to recycle plastic food packaging pouch has been developed by Dow.

Using Dow’s RecycleReady technology, the packaging can be recycled in the polyethylene stream as the packaging consists of different layers, but each of these is made of polyethylene.


Previously, food pouches that are typically used for cereals and pet food, have been comprised of multiple materials making them difficult to recycle.

Dow gas worked with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition to develop the pouch.

Sustainable Packaging Coalition project manager Kelly Cramer said: “This technology is a breakthrough in packaging design for recyclability.

“It possesses the properties of a multi-layer pouch, but behaves like a pure polyethylene bag in the recycling stream.”

Dow Packaging and Speciality Plastics North American director, packaging solutions, Stacy Fields added: “We are thrilled to be able to offer this breakthrough barrier technology to our customers. This has never been done before, and it will provide new options for brand owners and retailers to offer recyclable packaging for many products that consumers enjoy.”