Environment Agency visits over 60 sites in national day of action to crack down on illegal waste facilities


A taskforce of Environment Agency officers has been involved in a national day of action to fish out illegal waste sites.

Over 100 Environment Agency officers visited 60 sites aiming to disrupt illegal dealings and check if sites posed a risk to surrounding communities.


Throughout the country, the Environment Agency worked with the police, Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), local authorities, HMRC and Trading Standards to inspect vehicles at roadside stop and searches.

In the north west, aerial reconnaissance was used to check for activity at suspected illegal sites, while in the north east police visited scrap yards where illegal car dismantling was taking place.

In the south of England, construction sites were visited as illegal construction waste is considered the biggest problem in the region.

Environment Agency head of illegals and waste Mat Crocker said: “Illegal waste sites undercut legitimate business, can cause severe damage to the environment and misery for local residents. We are determined to make life hard for criminals. Our day of action should send a clear message to legitimate business that we are supporting them by disrupting and stopping the criminal element.

“The Environment Agency has specialist teams who work in partnership with the police and agencies like VOSA and HMRC to tackle waste crime.”