Environment Secretary Michael Gove announces plans for plastic bottle deposit return scheme 


Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Michael Gove has announced the prospect of a deposit return scheme in England at this year’s Conservative Party conference. 

The conference held in Manchester saw Gove discuss the impact Brexit will have on the environment, and what the Conservative Party hoped to achieve following leaving the European Union.  


He said: “Leaving the European Union gives us the chance to secure a special prize – a Green Brexit.” 

Discussing the impact plastic pollution has when entering our oceans and its effect on marine life, the politician added: “Our oceans are our planet’s greatest natural resource and this Government is determined to ensure we restore them to health for the next generation.” 

With Scotland and Wales considering to implement a deposit return scheme, Gove brought up the prospects of a deposit return scheme being the solution to plastic pollution in England. 

He added that “we are looking to go further to reduce plastic waste by working with industry to see how we could introduce a deposit return scheme for plastic bottles.