ESA calls for “credible” waste prevention plan


The Environmental Services Association (ESA) has said that more works need to be done on developing a “credible” waste prevention plan.

In its response to the Defra Waste Prevention Consultation for England, which closed on 23 September, ESA said that Government buying standards for sustainable purchasing should be widened to include schools and hospitals.


It also wants WRAP to focus its limited resources on waste prevention and reuse, it thinks the Government should explore the role of new voluntary agreements to reduce waste arisings in key sectors, and identify and create data and metrics to support waste prevention progress and monitor progress.

ESA director of policy Matthew Farrow said: “Few would disagree with the vision for waste prevention set out in the consultation document and Defra have probably identified the right waste streams to focus on.

“But serious work is needed if England is to have the credible waste prevention plan required by the Waste Framework Directive. Specific actions are needed around the products and waste streams identified and these actions need to address issues such as waste prevention in the wider public sector beyond central government, how to encourage partnerships between the third sector and commercial companies, and the role of future voluntary agreements.

“No one doubts that waste prevention is hard, and that presents very different challenges compared to diverting waste from landfill. But Defra needs to show that it is up for this challenge when it publishes its formal Waste Prevention Plan at the end of the year.”

Pic credit: Friends of the Earth Edinburgh waste prevention workshop