EuRIC says a future Waste Shipment Regulation should not prevent paper/cardboard exports

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Umbrella trade association EuRIC has said that the proposed European Union Waste Shipment Regulation should not hamper the global market for recovered paper.

It noted that in 2020, Europe collected 54.4 million tonnes of recovered paper, and 47.9 million tonnes was used within the EU.


However, this still left almost 7 million tonnes that needed to be exported.

EuRIC recovered paper branch ERPA president Hans van de Nes said: “The future Waste Shipment Regulation should not hamper a well-functioning global market for the trade of recovered paper.

“We understand the need to restrict exports of ‘problematic waste streams’ as identified in the new Circular Economy Action Plan to countries lacking a proper infrastructure.

“However, exports of recovered paper meeting EN 643 to countries outside of the European Union are absolutely crucial for the paper recycling industry.

“While the majority of waste paper and collected and recovered in the EU stays in the EU to make new paper in circular value chains, recovered paper remains a raw material from recycling with a global supply and demand that can easily be used as a substitute or in complement of virgin pulp by paper mills to produce new paper.”

The proposed Waste Shipment Regulations plan to make it easier to transfer materials between European countries, but make rules on exporting to non-EU destinations tougher.

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