European Commission takes no initiative to authorise processes to improve safety of recycling plastics, says European Plastic Converters  


The European Commission (EC) is failing to authorise positive processes to improve the safety of recycling plastic for food contact materials, according to European Plastic Converters (EUPC). 

Around 140 scientific opinions on the safety of processes to recycle plastic has been issued by the European Food Safety Authority. 


However, the EC is not taking any direction to enable these processes, says EUPC. 

This lack of framework has generated legal uncertainty and an unnecessary concern for the industry using recycled materials. 

PET working group pre-vice-president and chairman Casper Van Den Dungen said: “This uncertainty leads to decline in investments and more importantly to a possible mistrust in the legislation ruling food contact materials.”  

EUPC managing director Alexandre Dangis added: “In order to realise a real circular economy in the European Union we ask the EU Commission to unlock this bureaucratic situation very urgently. Industry needs to remain competitive at global level and very important investments have been made by hundreds of companies in Europe to comply with this EU regulation.”