FCC Environment opens £3.2 million commercial and industrial materials recycling facility in Derbyshire


A £3.2 million materials recycling facility has been opened by FCC Environment in Alfreton, Derbyshire.

Developed on the site of a former waste transfer station, the facility is capable of processing up to 80,000 tonnes a year of material which is principally commercial and industrial waste sourced from the east midlands region.


Of the material brought to the site, 53 per cent of the input goes to produce a refuse derived fuel, with the remainder sorted into ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paper, card, plastic film and PET/HDPE before being sent for processing.

FCC Environment national sales manager Richard Jeffery said: “The establishment of the Alfreton MRF closes the loop for our business waste infrastructure in the east midlands. We can now offer customers a service which incorporates business waste collection, recycling and the production of energy from residual waste material.

“The MRF plays a vital role in this service and our objective is to realise as much value as possible from this material by driving it up the waste hierarchy and diverting as much of it as possible from landfill disposal.”