Fife becomes first UK council to trial monthly residual waste collections


A trial of monthly residual waste collections has begun in the Scottish town of Fife.

The pilot scheme, which will last for nine months, involves 2,000 households that will have monthly collection of their residual waste bin, and more regular recycling collections.


Another 2,000 households will have their residual waste bin collected every three weeks.

Extra arrangements will be made for households with medical waste, children in nappies or larger families.

With a landfill bill of £10 million per year, Fife Council is launching the trial to see if it would be a way of saving money by boosting recycling. This is despite the council being on target to meet the Scottish Government target of 60% recycling by 2020. Although it needs to do more to reach the 75% target and 5% landfill target by 2025.

Fife Council transportation and environment head of assets Ken Gourlay said: “People across Fife have been telling us they want plastics and cans collected more often, so our trials are responding to this…

“…This is a pilot to get more information so that we can meet the needs of local people, develop a cleaner, greener Fife as well as reduce our waste disposal costs.

“If we fail to increase recycling rates in Fife, then we are throwing money away.”