Glass packaging recycling reaches 74% in the EU


The latest data published by the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) shows that 74% of glass was recycled in the EU in 2014.

Over 11.6 million tonnes of glass was collected in the European Union, which was 3.5% more than in 2013.


While Sweden , Belgium, Germany and Slovenia continued to outperform, Romania, Cyprus, Slovak Republic and Greece were at the bottom of the pile.

Following on from the publication of the data, FEVE is calling for legislative support that gives superior status to materials, such as glass, that can be infinitely recycled while remaining safe for human health and the environment.

FEVE general secretary Adeline Farrelly said: “The EU waste legislation currently under review in the EU Circular Economy Package should incentivise permanent materials that can be infinitely recycled without loss of properties.

“As an industry, we would like to have more recycled glass, provided that it is of high quality and is economically viable. We believe that acknowledging the superior status of permanent materials in, for example extended producer responsibility schemes, will incentivise the market to use permanent materials that can deliver real closed loop recycling.”