Government seeks to bring more unity to producer responsibility


Changes may be made to producer responsibility regimes for WEEE, batteries and packaging.

The Government has issued a document Discussion Paper on Coherence Across Producer Responsibility Schemes that sets out 21 issues where it thinks there could be some rationalisation to enable the regimes work more effectively for businesses.


Produced by Defra and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills as well as the devolved governments, the paper includes measures such as having a two tier system for producer registration and a common registration process.

Under the two tier system, there would be a simpler, lower cost registration option for medium-sized businesses (small businesses would be exempt) and a second tier for large producers.

It also proposes that packaging regimes would have the option of setting out in producer data returns tonnages of product which have been exported directly or indirectly. This would then be netted off when calculating their recovery obligations.

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