Guttridge: UK facing up to shortage of reusable plastics


According to the British Plastics Federation’s Recycling Group (BPFRG), the UK is facing a dearth of plastics waste just when demand for the material is increasing, Plastics and Rubber Weekly notes.


The BPFRG now wants councils to investigate where their waste is going, and is calling for tighter controls on exports to give priority to UK requirements.

BPFRG chairman Roger Baynham says that the British manufacturing industry is bouncing back well from the recession and should be given all the support it needs.

“Central to this is a heightened consciousness of sustainability which coupled with concerns over supply of some virgin polymers is exacerbating an already fraught situation,” he told the news provider.

The British Retail Consortium has just started a scheme that will see major supermarket chains collect clean, used plastic film for reuse.