MRW : ROI clamps down on landfill with €20 levy increase


Environment minister Phil Hogan commented on the need to achieve a “further, very significant diversion of waste from landfill” and that he was introducing a range of measures to achieve this.

Hogan said: “Right now, disposal, which is the most environmentally unsound option for dealing with our waste is the cheapest.  That situation is simply not sustainable.  I am therefore announcing today that the landfill levy will rise from €30 per tonne to €50 per tonne from 1 September 2011, €65 (£57) per tonne from July 2012 and €75 (£65) per tonne from July 2013. By announcing these rates today, I am providing the waste sector with the certainty that it needs to prepare for the changes that these increases will bring.” 


Hogan also announced a series of “principles” which will inform the new Government’s waste policy, following the elections in February 2011. These will include a foundation of a “firm, evidence-based understanding of the many scientific, economic and social issues which are inherent elements of the waste policy discourse” and remain in keeping with the “complementary roles which the private and public sectors can pay”.

In addition to the review waste policy, the Government has been conducting a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) on the diversion of household food waste from landfill, a second RIA on the charging structure of the household waste collection market, and a review of producer responsibility schemes.

The minister added that he would be “indicating his position” over the provisions in the Environment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2011, which is undergoing scrutiny and could introduce levies for incineration in the Republic.

Landfill levies have been gradually increasing in the ROI, but do not have a strict, yearly ‘escalator’ as in England and must be made by ministerial order.