Hertfordshire County Council issues report outlining environmental benefits of energy from waste


A report prepared by Hertfordshire County Council and Veolia Environmental Services shows the benefits of a proposed energy from waste plant over its current waste management options.

Veolia Environmental Services plans to build a recycling and energy recovery facility at New Barnfield, which it says would have a positive impact on Hertfordshire’s environment.


The data, which has been calculated using the Government-approved WRATE system, shows that if built, the planned facility would lead to a significant reduction in carbon dioxide and other pollutants compared to using landfill.

The model used outlines that as well as carbon dioxide reductions, there would also be falls in sulphur dioxide emissions, 1,4-dichlorobenzene and phosphates.

Hertfordshire County Council cabinet member for waste Derrick Ashley said: “The information in the WRATE report clearly shows that Veolia’s proposed facility would reduce the county’s carbon emissions and other pollution caused by landfill. These figures make a strong case for building the plant.”