Infinity Recycling’s Circular Plastics Fund reaches €105 million in committed capital

Infinity Recycling
Infinity Recycling team

A Circular Plastics Fund to invest in advanced plastics recycling technology has raised €105 million (£90 million) in committed capital.

Dutch growth capital firm Infinity Recycling raised the funds with investors including the European Investment Fund (EIF) and GC Ventures.


The fund is designed to accelerate the transition to a circular economy for plastics by scaling up advanced plastic recycling such as chemical recycling plants.

Since being launched in February 2022, the fund has invested in four portfolio companies with three follow-on investments.

Infinity Recycling managing partner Jan-Willem Muller said: “We are pleased to have such well-regarded investors in the Circular Plastics Fund and are thankful for the support from new limited partners such as EIF and GC Ventures, who have recognised Infinity Recycling’s differentiated investment focus.”