Jewson and Biffa to work together on energy from waste project


Saint-Gobain Building Distribution owned retailer Jewson and Biffa are to work together on turning waste into energy.

Site waste from Jewson will be converted into refuse derived fuel that will be used to generate energy by Biffa. Then Biffa will provide this volume of electricity – a 3MW base load – to Saint-Gobain for use by some of its manufacturing businesses.


Biffa contract manager Ian Berry said: “At Biffa we work closely with our clients to tailor-make solutions. Our aim is always to save our clients money though the intelligent management of resources. This renewable energy deal is one of a kind and is naturally the next step after maximising recycling across the Jewson network.”

Jewson sustainability director Rod Leigh said: “This arrangement is the result of a long-standing relationship between Biffa and Jewson, which will also benefit our system companies within Saint-Gobain.

“Companies are encouraged to share environmental best practice across the group. This particular initiative will provide protection from rising energy prices, while helping Jewson to meet its renewable energy targets through the sustainable management of waste.

“It is increasingly important that businesses break out of their linear mindset and look for opportunities to close the loop, particularly between waste and energy. Jewson is proud to be raising the bar for the construction industry both through high levels of recycling and this innovative energy from waste initiative.”