Jonathan Short starts new plastics trading and by-product recycling business


A new company Plastics Reclamation Limited (PRL) has been formed by former ECO Plastics chief executive Jonathan Short and commercial director Duncan Oakes.

The pair intend to capitalise on their combined knowledge of plastics reprocessing operations and global outlets for recycled and recyclable plastic scrap.


Jonathan Short said: “Over recent years we have seen the development and growth of some large plastics re-processors within the UK, across Northern Europe and more recently Eastern Europe.

“These businesses, understandably, tend to focus on their core competency and have been historically reliant upon a healthy demand from the Far East for the many by-products produced by their factories.

“As these traditional markets evolve we have seen demand for such low grade material all but evaporate.

“However, the demand for a product, rather than waste, continues to grow and I see that continuing. This combined with a necessary growth across Europe to handle ever increasing amounts of scrap plastic presents the opportunity to recover that material, add value to it and then sell to manufacturers.

“Duncan has built an unrivalled customer base with high value markets for recovered plastics across Asia and closer to home here in the UK and Europe. We also have some very interesting and niche markets in the solid recovered fuel and waste to energy industry for non-recyclable plastics.”

With both having recently left ECO Plastics Recycling, this means there are market areas within which PRL is unable to enter, but the company intends to work in other material streams that are available.

Jonathan Short added: “PRL will be working very closely with Agricycle, a Lincolnshire based agricultural plastics reprocessing business, with which we have a long standing business relationship.

“Its reprocessing capabilities include baling, shredding and granulation, washing/drying, metal removal processes and two bespoke density separation processes for extremely accurate separation of similar materials.”

Although the business has only been operating for a few weeks, it has already taken on a number of clients including businesses who are developing business plans in the plastics reprocessing industry or requiring evolution of existing business plans.