Judicial Review into recycling sorting system to take place this week


A Judicial Review into whether UK law correctly interprets the European Union Waste Framework Directive begins this week in Cardiff.

Six members of the Campaign for Real Recycling are taking the UK Government to court over whether commingled collections are allowed under the directive.


These companies are: Ardagh Glass, DS Smith Paper, Novelis UK, Palm Recycling, Smurfitt Kappa and UK Recyclate.

Anthony Collins Solicitors is representing the claimants. Partner Hilary Harrison said: “Our client, UK Recyclate, is seeking a Judicial Review of the Waste (Amendment) Regulations 2012, because it feels that it does not accurately represent the EU Waste Framework Directive in UK law.

“Approximately half of councils in England and Wales use commingling methods of recycling, which results in large amounts of recyclate being rejected by reprocessing organisations due to contamination. Closer adherence to EU legislation will greatly improve the quality of material able to be recycled and drastically reduce the current level of material that end up in landfills.

“Despite current financial challenges, councils across the UK are taking every effort to encourage their communities to recycle effectively, and an amendment to the current legislation will ensure that their endeavours are not wasted.

“While it will take several weeks to receive judgment from this hearing, we hope that the conclusion of this case will provide local authorities and the UK reprocessing industry with the clarity they need to plan for the future.”