Lush reuses plastic from global coastlines in UK bottles


Cosmetics retailer Lush has introduced bottles made from coastline-collected plastic.

The High Street firm said it was using certified Prevented Ocean Plastic for its 100ml, 250m and 500ml bottles.


Lush is working with supplier Spectra Packaging on the initiative in the UK, as well as rolling it out in Germany and making plans to follow suit in North America and Japan.

Largert 1L bottles are expected to be introduced later this year.

Prevented Ocean Plastic collects bottles from areas at risk of pollution, sorts them and transports them for recycling.

Lush ethical buyer Karolina Michalska said: “Seeing how much impact the Prevented Ocean Plastic™ Programme has had on the communities in areas at high risk of plastic pollution, being part of preventing tonnes of plastic from entering the oceans as well as improving transparency of the supply chain is very much fulfilling our ‘Lusher than we found it’ statement.

“I feel honoured to have worked with such a passionate and inspirational group of people who care about people and the environment.”

Spectra Packaging sales director Jonathan Powell added: “The opportunity to work with a forward-thinking partner like Lush illustrates a common desire to align our visions to drive positive change. By working together towards these common goals, partnerships such as ours can make a positive impact”.