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LyondellBasell invests in Dutch and Italian plastics recyclers


Dutch chemicals giant LyondellBasell has acquired Italian recycler Mepol Group and a 50% stake in Netherlands-based recycling company Stiphout Industries.

Mepol Group has operations in Italy and Poland and is a manufacturer of recycled, high-performing technical compounds.

While Stiphout Industries sources and processes post-consumer plastic packaging at its facility in Montfort. In particular, Stiphout Industries specialised in processing household plastics into clean PP and HDPE flake.

On its acquisition of Mepol Group for an undisclosed sum, LyondellBasell executive vice president Advanced Polymer Solutions Torkel Rhenman said: “The acquisition is forward-thinking and aligned with our commitment to a circular economy.

“With Mepol’s deep expertise in recycled compounds and LyondellBasell’s strategy and scale, we see significant opportunities to accelerate the growth of our APS business by leveraging macro trends in circularity and creating solutions for everyday sustainable living.”

Lyondell Basell executive vice president, Circular and Low Carbon Solutions Yvonne van der Laan said on the investment in Stiphout Industries: “Investing in Stiphout aligns with our strategy to invest in recycling and plastic waste processing companies that support our existing assets in the Netherlands and Germany and fits with our integrated hub model.

“Through this collaboration, we can leverage local synergies with our Quality Circular Polymers business in terms of logistics and operations. It also unlocks possibilities to further expand our CirculenRecover portfolio, creating solutions for customers and brand owners in support of their circular and low-carbon targets.”