Mach Tech Services targets plastics recycling sector


Shredder business Mach Tech Services is looking to expand into the plastics recycling sector in 2013 with its range of Micromat and Vega shredders.

The Lancashire-based company specialises in a wide range of shredder for everything from SRF/RDF, to plastics, wood and metals.


It is the exclusive supplier in the UK and Ireland of Austrian company Lindner’s range of machinery.

Mach Tech Services sales manager Martin Davies said: “Plastics is a growing market in the recycling sector and with the proposed Government recycling targets for plastics looking to increase from January, the industry has to expand quite quickly.

“Lindner worldwide has a fantastic reputation for its plastic shredders, largely because of the robustness of the shredders, which is crucial for recycling plastics. We want to bring that quality of machine to the UK to help plastics reprocessors reach these tough targets.”

Norpol Recycling has been using a Lindner Micromat 2000 at its site in Lancashire.

Sales manager Brad Holt said: “The Micromat runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week and works brilliantly. We use it to pre-shred LDPE films, which makes our whole process more economical and efficient.”