Mars drops PE liner making cardboard Malteser box fully recyclable

Mars Malteser box

Mars Wrigley is removing the black PE liner in Malteser boxes making them fully recyclable.

This means 82 tonnes of plastic will no longer be used each year, while the new cardboard box does not use any additional pulp meaning 930 tonnes of cardboard can be recycled.


However, the plastic film over the box will remain to protect the quality of the product, and this isn’t currently widely recyclable.

Mars Wrigley UK general manager Adam Grant said: “At Mars, we take our responsibility for sustainable packaging seriously, and today’s announcement that our iconic Maltesers box is now fully recyclable is another important step in our journey towards packaging that is 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable.”

The new boxes will be available in stores from next week.

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