Recycling Insights launches daily 8am markets information email

Recycling Insights forecast prices
Recycling Insights provides forecast prices using AI to analyse economic data

Recycling Insights has launched a daily 8am markets information and data email.

Each weekday, subscribers to Recycling Insights will receive key data via email helping them to prepare for their trading for the day ahead.


Two emails have been launched so far, one for the cardboard and paper sector, and one looking at plastics. These are provided by the new data science service Recycling Insights.

Recycling Insights is a subscription service for the recycling industry that provides innovations like forecast prices, the ability to compare the price of recycled materials with economic indices, information about your business and how you trade, export data, and much more.

Contact Paul Sanderson if you would like a run-through and free trial of Recycling Insights and to receive these emails during the trial.

Email to request.

The Cardboard/Paper Daily Dashboard email from Recycling Insights provides a simple guide to key data you need for that day’s trading

In the Cardboard/Paper Daily Dashboard email, subscribers will receive:

  • Latest OCC forecast price, driven by our Artificial Intelligence analysis of huge sets of market and economic data
  • The latest key market prices
  • Annual price trends charts for key grades
  • Dollar and Euro foreign exchange values and charts when compared to the pound
  • Shipping indices and charts
  • Wood pulp data and trend graphs
  • Economic data including equity indices, manufacturing indices and retail indices
  • Latest cardboard/paper news from a variety of news outlets including REB Market Intelligence.

Those who receive the Plastics Daily Dashboard email will get each day:

  • Latest forecast prices for LDPE film, HDPE and PET bottles using Artificial Intelligence to analyse a wide range or market data
  • The latest key market prices and annual price trend charts
  • Plastic PRN prices
  • Foreign exchange, shipping and economic data as above with Cardboard/Paper
  • Latest oil futures prices
  • News on the plastics market from various outlets all in one place.
A screenshot of the the Plastic Daily Dashboard email

Recycling Insights co-founder Paul Sanderson said: “These emails provide a simple tool to keep those who trade recycled paper, cardboard and plastics up-to-date with what is happening in the market.

“Sent out at 8am every weekday, they provide vital info in a really simple way, giving you all the info you need ahead of the working day.

“Our current subscribers are already benefitting from this service, and I’m happy to show others in the recycling industry the positive reasons to sign up for a Recycling Insights account. It will transform your knowledge of the markets, giving you insights and building on your expertise of the recycling markets.”

Recycling Insights is a data science service for the recycling industry. Find out more at

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