Mohamed Al Fayed vows to fight Scottish energy from waste facility


Former Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed has said he will explore every means to prevent an energy from waste facility being built close to his Scottish home.

Following a public inquiry, inquiry reporter Richard Dent has recommended that a £43 million energy from waste facility in Invergordon should go ahead.


Combined Power and Heat (Highlands) was given planning permission in 2010 by the Scottish Government, despite a planning refusal by Highland Council in 2009 over traffic concerns and an adverse effect on tourism.

The inquiry reporter rejected these claims.

Mohamed Al Fayed owns the Balnagown Estate near to the town.

He said: “Building an industrial burner here is completely out of character with the area. There will be an increase in the number of heavy goods lorries on local roads, with a disastrous knock-on effect on air pollution and tourism, upon which the area relies.

“I am thoroughly disappointed with the inspector’s decision to go ahead with it. I cannot see how having a rubbish burning incinerator in a residential area can be justified in the 21st Century and I will not stand back and let the bureaucrats push this proposal forward.

“The local people don’t want it, the Highland Council doesn’t want it – only the Scottish Government it appears do.”

However, Combined Heat and Power (Highlands) managing director Glenn Jones said: “We are looking forward to investing in the area and working with the local community so that this plant can benefit them.”