More “buy-in” needed for circular economy, says WRAP’s Liz Goodwin


WRAP chief executive Liz Goodwin has said that there isn’t enough “buy-in” at present for the circular economy.

Speaking at the Westminster Forum: Policy priorities for waste management in England event, she outlined the benefits of the circular economy, but warned it would not happen without more support from business, policymakers and others.


She said: “We know the importance of the circular economy. We know it helps preserve our environment in a world of dwindling resources, climate change, and population increases.

“We know it can boost the economy, and provide businesses with viable routes to secure a prosperous future.

“We know it provides benefits to society, through job creation, and securing a sustainable path for future generations – our loved ones.

“Yet we also know that many are still to be convinced of its merits.

“To be frank, at the moment, we just don’t have enough buy-in from people. We need more buy-in from business, policymakers, and the general public. Only by working together, sharing expertise, knowledge and communicating effectively, can we hope for change.”

She added that WRAP will continue to collaborate and communicate the benefits of the circular economy.

In her speech, she also called on people to outline the positives about the European Commission’s circular economy package even if they were disappointed that it did not go far enough.

In particular, she highlighted that she understood why people were disappointed with the lack of a binding food waste target.

But she urged the European Commission to look closely at voluntary agreements to reduce food waste, as the Courtauld Commitment had helped to do in the UK.