New scheme created to help calculate plastic footprint


Blockchain Development Company (BCDC) has announced its plans to launch the world’s first “Global” Plastic-Offset Scheme to allow families and companies to calculate and offset their annual plastic footprint. 

It will only support projects proven to fight plastic pollution, as well as helping others to reuse current and future plastics. 


The projects will include incentivised recycling for consumers and companies, which are created to encourage everyone to change their recycling habits when discarding plastics, and projects aimed at reducing plastic pollution. 

BCDC’s scheme will support and run new life solutions globally to divert plastic from landfill and the environment, as well as turning non-recyclable plastics into new usable materials. 

Research from Roland Geyer, an industrial ecologist, has calculated the total of plastic produced by humans, and found that 9.1 billion tonnes of plastic are produced, with 5.4 billion tonnes in landfill. 

BCDC has said that they hope to make everyone aware of what their plastic footprint really is and will offer companies and the public chances to offset their footprint by investing an amount with the BCDC’s scheme. 

The offset scheme accepts both tokens purchased from BCDC and the currency of the country purchasers. But if BCDC tokens are chosen over offsetting with cash, individuals will benefit from being able to offset two years’ worth of their plastic footprint, instead of one year with cash. 

This is due to the money bought from the tokens going towards the projects. 

BCDC chief executive Gordon Cowan said: It is imperative we tackle the plastic problem head on and encourage all projects involved in fighting plastic pollution to contact us and join the BCDC Global Plastic-Offset Scheme. We believe our initiative is a fantastic way of combating this, and every purchase of a BCDC token will allow us to grow the scheme and fight the scourge of plastic pollution.”