Home Intelligence No date set for DRS in Tory manifesto

No date set for DRS in Tory manifesto

Credit: Simon Dawson / No 10 Downing Street

The Conservatives have promised to “minimise the impact” of a deposit return scheme (DRS) on businesses if they stay in power.

Rishi Sunak’s party today set out its manifesto for the 4 July general election as it aims to stay in government.

A senior minister in April admitted it could take until 2027 for the DRS, initially expected next year, to be up and running.

The Tory manifesto didn’t confirm a timescale, saying only: “We will continue to develop a UK-wide DRS while working to minimise the impact on businesses and consumers.”

Elsewhere there was a pledge to revoke permit approvals for new energy-from-waste plants unless “substantial construction” was underway.

“This recognises the impact on local communities and that increased recycling rates will reduce the need for incineration capacity in the longer term” said the manifesto.

The Tories also promised to take “comprehensive action” to crack down on organised waste crime, and to deliver “enhanced penalties” for fly tipping.

The Lib Dems set out their waste policy earlier this week.