Novelis set to use 50 per cent recycled aluminium content by end of year


Global aluminium rolling and recycling company Novelis has revealed that it will include 50 per cent recycled content in aluminium outputs by the end of the year.

In its 2014 sustainability report, the company said that it has achieved 46 per cent content, which is 16 per cent higher than its baseline years of 2007-2009.


The report, Adding More Aluminium, Creating Value, shows how Novelis intends to increase its recycling capacity and the recycled content of its products to 80 per cent by 2020.

Novelis president and chief executive Phil Martens said: “We’re leading the industry to harness the sustainability potential of aluminium as a lightweight, infinitely recyclable metal.

“We’re still early in our journey, and that includes Novelis shifting more recycled aluminium, which avoids 95 per cent of the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions associated with primary production.”

Since 2011, Novelis has invested approximately $2 billion (£1.3 billion) to expand recycling and production. This has doubled recycling capacity to 2.1 million metric tonnes.

It recently opened the world’s largest aluminium recycling centre at Nachterstedt, Germany which will process 400,000 tonnes of aluminium scrap each year.

In the fiscal year 2014, Novelis reduced its absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 4 per cent and 17 per cent since its 2007-09 baseline.

It also reduced energy intensity by 5 per cent (24 per cent against 2007-09) and water intensity by 4 per cent (20 per cent against 2007-09).

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