OPRL to add PP flexible bags to supermarket front of store collections

Soft plastics recycling Tesco

Packaging recycling label organisation OPRL is changing its rules to allow PP flexible bags to be collected at the front of large supermarkets.

This will bring it into line with PE films, and offers consumers more soft packaging recycling options when it is introduced in January 2022.


Following supermarket and brand plans under The UK Plastics Pact, OPRL is confident that collections will be available to more than 75% of the population for non-metallised mono-polymer polypropylene film by the date of launch.

PP films with less than 5% PE or EVOH can be labelled with OPRL’s special films label from January.

OPRL chair Jane Bevis said: “It’s exciting that the long-established major supermarkets’ network of front-of-store collections for PE films is being extended and strengthened and will now encompass a broader range of bags and wrapping. That means from January consumers will be able to take many more types of packaging for recycling at their local supermarket.

“Our research shows 30% of us are receiving more bags and wrapping at home as our shopping habits change, so it’s vital we capture this material for recycling and develop the processing capacity – preferably here in the UK – to ensure these resources are incorporated into new packaging or products.”

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