Peel Environmental gets planning permission for two energy from waste facilities around Glasgow


Two energy from waste facilities will be built in the Glasgow area after Peel Environmental got planning permission for both.

Glasgow City Council has granted consent for the £145 million South Clyde Energy Centre (SCEC) near to the M8 motorway.


This facility will generate 20MW of electricity for export to the grid.

While West Dunbartonshire Council has granted planning permission for the North Clyde Recycling Centre at Rothesay Dock, Clydebank.

As well as an anaerobic digestion plant, it will also contain a materials recycling facility.

Peel Environmental director Myles Kitcher said: “It is encouraging to see that the proposals have been recognised as opportunities to secure investment and jobs, as well as delivering the much needed infrastructure necessary to move waste away from landfill, maximise levels of recycling and to provide low carbon heat and electricity.

“We currently have a number of other schemes across the UK, of differing scales and utilising different technologies, all moving through the development process. We are hopeful that the SCEC and NCRC decisions will mark the start of a series of consents that will rapidly move through construction and in to operation.

“We adopt a flexible business model and are keen to work with a range of delivery partners, to fund, build and operate such facilities. We believe that while the current economic climate remains challenging, the overriding economic and environmental benefits of this type of development present an important opportunity across a range of sectors and for local economies.”