Plaid Cymru prioritises reuse over recycling in its General Election manifesto


Welsh political party Plaid Cymru has set out plans to assume that reuse rather than recycling is the default position in its General Election manifesto.

The party has said that it will set ambitious targets for recycling, but its assumption would be for reuse rather than recycling in order to follow the waste hierarchy.


It also said it will work with supermarkets and others to reduce non-biodegradable waste from packaging.

Plaid Cymru also supports the localisation of the food chain to reduce pollution, to support farmers, processing facilities and farmers’ markets.

It also said that it will introduce a Food Waste Bill requiring large food retailers and food manufacturers to take steps to reduce food waste, including donating surplus food to charities for distribution.

Plaid Cymru senses there are opportunities in what promises to be a tight result in the General Election and has said that it would want to see Wales given the same funding and powers as Scotland in any negotiations it would have if it were in a position to negotiate a deal with a minority Labour government. It has already ruled out working to support a Conservative administration.

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood (pictured) said: “Plaid Cymru wants to bring our government home to Wales so that we have the powers and levers to at least put us on a par with our neighbours.

“Wales must have the control over its own natural resources, criminal justice and policing system and our government must be made accountable to the people for the money it spends on their behalf. Wales must be treated as a nation and have the powers to act as a nation.”