Plastics Industry Recycling Action Plan launched by Plastics 2020 and WRAP


A plan to provide a cooperative strategy for the plastic packaging supply chain to meet the Government target of 57% recycling by 2017 has been launched.

Plastics 2020, which is made up of trade associations BPF, PAFA and Plastics Europe, and WRAP have launched the Plastics Industry Recycling Action Plan (PIRAP).


The action plan highlights a number of areas where improvements could be made to develop end markets for plastics recyclate, enhance collection rates, adopt best-in-class collection methods, optimise sorting infrastructure and design.

BPF director general Philip Law said: “Recycling is the absolutely essential component of the ‘sustainability story’. It’s a great achievement to secure an agreed document in an area which has become a political football.

“Plastics packaging recycling levels are a function of so many factors and the support of a very large number of organisations has to be harnessed to make significant progress.”

PIRAP was initiated by WRAP through consultation with all stakeholders, including national and local government, the waste management industry, obligated users, producers, converters and recyclers. Plastics 2020 then adopted the task of engaging with the different stakeholders to agree on different actions for commitment.

Companies and organisations already committed include among others: Anthesis, British Polythene Industries, British Retail Consortium, Chase Plastics, Coca Cola Enterprises, Dart (Solo Cup), Kent Resource Partnership, Recoup, Shanks and Veolia.