Recycled plastic export report: January 2023

A container ship that is used to transport recyclable materials

Please note this report just focuses on the waste polymers of ethylene commodity code (391510), as exports of other plastics are relatively small in  volume.

Exports of PE-based recycled polymers dropped to 17,243 tonnes in January from 21,766 tonnes in December.


EU imports actually increased in January to 12,226 tonnes, from 9,607 tonnes in the previous month.

Of this, 6,028 tonnes went to the Netherlands (4,270 tonnes in December), 2,368 tonnes to Belgium (1,499 tonnes in December) and 1,338 tonnes to Germany (1,468 tonnes in December).

Outside of the EU, the only significant destination above 1,000 tonnes per month was Turkey with 4,098 tonnes in January, halving from December’s 8,041 tonnes.