Recycling prices and market commentary: 29 March 2024


Trading for paper and cardboard for April kicked off this week and that helped to see some grades rise in value.

For plastics and metals, it was generally business as it was last week, and in the case of plastics as it has been for several weeks.


With the long Easter weekend now upon us, there is some hope that arisings might pick up as the market continues to say there isn’t a lot of material around.

It is hoped that time for shopping for spring/summer clothes and visits to garden centres might bring more material, as well as people treating themselves for Easter in the grocery sector.

The dollar and euro against the pound ended this short trading week at the same $1.26 and €1.16 as last week respectively.

Recycled plastics

People in the plastics recycling sector are struggling to believe the stability in the market and are wondering when it will break.

Some grades have barely seen any price changes so far in 2024, and many have been seeing only small changes.

Even the PRN/PERN has been bumbling along in recent weeks, barely changing by a pound or two.

For a market that has got used to volatility, this period of knowing where you stand actually feels a but strange. It will break at some point, the only question is when.

Recycled paper

Increased demand from Northern European mills helped to push up OCC and mixed paper prices this week.

South East Asian buyers were also happy to come in and this helped OCC back above £100 per tonne and mixed above £50 per tonne for most. Many were a bit higher than this as trading for April properly began.

It was also a case of people wanting to get deals done before the long weekend and the start of the school holidays.

Multi also saw some better interest from Northern European mills with prices rising by £5 to £10 per tonne.

However, it was also the case that there wasn’t a lot of material available, but there is some hope that Easter might bring a bit more into the market.

Recycled metals

Only brass saw a price change this week, dropping by £50 per tonne.

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