REPIC launches consumer responsible recycling campaign for WEEE


WEEE producer compliance scheme REPIC has launched a new consumer-facing campaign to encourage the responsible recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

‘REPIC Responsible Recycling’ reaches out to the public with the aim of getting them to deposit end-of-life household electrical goods at dedicated local recycling centres.


The campaign will also heavily target schools, where it will present an educational tool and information resource for teachers, pupils and local authorities.

And REPIC’s producer members, which represent around 50 per cent of all electrical items placed on the market, will link to the campaign on their websites.

REPIC chief executive Philip Morton said: “This campaign focuses on what it all boils down to – the person who discards their old EEE. Because without active participation from the public, WEEE as an industry would no exist in today’s form.

“Through creating a channel for direct dialogue with consumers for the first time, REPIC members are reinforcing their own environmental responsibility message, while raising awareness for the cause at large. We are all mindful that the UK has steep collection targets to hit by 2019 and need to be as proactive as we can in order to achieve these.”

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