Glenfiddich whisky anaerobic digestion plant gets planning permission


Councillors at Moray Council have granted planning permission for an anaerobic digestion plant that will treat whisky waste from the Glenfiddich distillery.

The AD plant will treat spent malted barley and pot ale from the distilling process to generate either electricity or create biogas that will be injected into the gas grid.


Based at the distillery in Dufftown, Speyside and owned by drinks manufacturer William Grant and Sons, the plant will be situated on an open field in a corner of the site.

Moray Council planning and regulatory services committee chairman Cllr Douglas Ross said: “This proposed development has been well managed by the applicant as can be seen by the fact that there were no objections to the plans.

“They have worked with the council to ensure this energy plant can be approved and built as quickly as possible to start generating electricity from this anaerobic digestion facility.

“The position of this plant was also sympathetic to the local area and the fact that it will be barely visible to the majority of passers-by is an added bonus given its location near to Dufftown.”