Retailers and councils called on to support Fresher for Longer food waste campaign


Partners and supporters of the Fresher for Longer campaign have challenged retailers, brands and councils to help consumers reduce food waste.

At the first Fresher for Longer conference held last week, speakers said that these organisations could help consumers reduce food waste by storing food properly in its original packaging at home and choosing food appropriately packed or loose depending on how long they need to keep it.


All Parliamentary Group on Packaging chair Mark Pawsey MP said: “As someone who spent a career in the packaging industry before entering politics, I am delighted to be invited to chair this important conference.

“Much food waste can be avoided through simple measures such as keeping most fruit in the fridge in its original pack, using ziplocks on cheese packs, and breathable fruit bags, all of which keep food fresher for longer. I hope all the organisations here today will become passionate about promoting these easy to use tips.

INCPEN director Jane Bickerstaffe added: “It’s really important the Fresher for Longer campaign gets out there to the public. People know food waste is an environmental disaster in developing countries, but it is also a huge environmental problem in developed ones. This major conference has brought together councils, retailers and other supply chain companies to give them the information and motivation to jointly tackle this by communicating with residents in their areas.”

While WRAP chief executive Liz Goodwin said: “Reducing food waste is a global issue and a top priority for WRAP. I’m very proud that our work has put food waste so high on the political, business and media agenda.

“I believe that a major combined effort from retailers, brands, governments and consumers working together could save £45 billion of avoidable food waste in the UK, by 2025, halving the amount of avoidable food wasted. Fresher for Longer is a great example of how a united front can work.”