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Sainsbury’s works with Google to develop tool to cut food waste


Supermarket Sainsbury’s has launched an interactive mobile and online tool to cut food waste.

Developed in partnership with Google, the Sainsbury’s Food Rescue tool uses Google’s search technology to find the most relevant recipe based on ingredients entered by the user.

Those using the tool will be able to input up to nine ingredients that may have ben left at the back of the cupboard or need using up and will be given choices from around 1,200 recipes from Sainsbury’s and WRAP’s Love Food Hate Waste campaign.

Sainsbury’s marketing director Sarah Warby said: “Shopping habits have really changed. Families are savvier than ever, looking for practical help to make the most of the food in their cupboards and fridges.

“We know that confidence and know-how can really help people reduce the amount of food they throw away. We’ve created Sainsbury’s Food Rescue with Google to inspire people to turn the food items they already have into something delicious. And over the months ahead we’ll be able to see how much food and money British households are saving by using Sainsbury’s Food Rescue, as well as the popular ways to save.”

Google director of creative strategy Indy Saha added: “More people in Britain are online than ever before and this growth is driven by tablets and smartphones. The average household in the UK has around 3.1 devices – the highest in Europe.

“Using our voice search technology, the Food Rescue tool allows Sainsbury’s customers to use up the food that they might otherwise throw away. Simply say what ingredients you have left and discover simple inspirational recipes. Whether you are on the way home thinking about what’s for dinner, at the supermarket lacking inspiration or in the kitchen, the tool will help you save and get better value for money by not wasting food.”