Scrap metal firm Chadwicks Recycling wins appeal against Bolton planning refusal


A scrap metal firm has won an appeal against Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council’s decision to refuse planning permission for site improvements.

Chadwicks Recycing wanted to construct a new building on its site to provide more modern facilities and a safer working environment for its employees.


It will also allow the company to upgrade its processing technology to provide a more modern recycling service.

Chadwicks Recycling managing director Sean Chadwick said: “I am very happy that we won the appeal and we can continue with our improvements at the site.

“We perform a vital local recycling service and had we lost the appeal, our future would have been uncertain. We would not have been able to improve our service levels with the existing infrastructure. As a business, it is necessary to expand to adhere to industry standards, which required us to improve our facilities at the site.

“We employ local people and provide a vital service to an increasing number of people and companies across the region.”

The original planning application was refused following a campaign by local residents against vehicle movements. Chadwicks Recycling is based on an industrial estate at the end of a road with domestic properties on it. However, these properties were built after the industrial estate.

The company worked with 360 Environmental to manage the planning and permitting process and the subsequent appeal.