Sims Metal Management able to meet 85 per cent ELV target


A further 23kgs of material can be extracted from end of life vehicles (ELVs) by Sims Metal Management.

This means authorised treatment facilities (ATF) working with the company should be able to move closer to or beyond the 85 per target.


Sims Metal Management has increased the volume of material recovered from an average vehicle by investing in post-shredder technologies, which has enabled it to recover greater quantities of metals, plastics, and other materials from post-shredder waste.

Using Government approved protocols, it can be assumed that 81 per cent of material can be recovered from a vehicle so the extra recovery will allow ATFs to get closer to the target.

Sims Metal Management group development manager Simon Palmer said: “We are pleased to be able to provide this 23kgs credit to our suppliers, but that is just the start. Innovative separation technologies on the latest plant are demonstrating ever greater recovery rates. Commissioning is almost complete and we anticipate being able to achieve recovery rates in the region of 40kgs per ELV.”